jardinosaJARDINOSA is an horticultural ornamental production nursery located in Cocorit, Sonora, Mexico. We have been in service for more than 20 years, serving to all people dedicated to the organized gardening such as nurseries, comercial chains, government, private companies, constructors, government agencies, providing them with plants with the highest standards among each of the species that we produce.


The nursery area consists of 10 hectares of highly tecnified land and a working force of over 50 professionals, specialized in horticultural ornamental production. Our sales staff will be in charge of offering you the service that you deserve and that you find the plant that you require, offering you a personalized attention.


jardinosaWe have a transportation equipment with which we can deliver you our product in an efficient way and in optimal conditions

We are committed to produce plants that are adapted to our climate requirements, that’s the reason for which we offer a great variety of regional species, all low in water requirements, such as:


  • Mezquite
  • Palo Verde y Palo Brea
  • Mexican bird of paradise
  • Lantana
  • Pink and purple verbena
  • Bougainvillea
  • Red Yucca and agaves
  • Ruelia
  • Texas sage
  • Lysiloma

logo apnsac MEMBER OF S.P.N.S.A.C.

We are leaders in the development of new varieties, and in the introduction on new plants, for which we always account with a great stock and the best quality.


Our installations are the most advanced in the northwest part of our country. We also produce a wide variety of palms, shrubs and trees of all kinds, everything of high quality and at a highly competitive prices. Additionally, our line of products guarantees the best resistance for the climate characteristics, national and abroad.

We hope we can serve you as soon as possible. WE HAVE AVAILABLE OUR LIST OF PRICES AND EXISTENCE. We can send it to you by fax or by e-mail.

Remember the garden that you build not only beautifies your house, building or project, but it also enhances its value.